New Museum Sayn Palace

In the impressive New Museum, Prince Alexander and Princess Gabriela provide a very private glimpse into the life of their ancestors. Outstanding photographs by Princess Marianne, mother of Prince Alexander, tell of the splendour of bygone times, but also of the destruction in the second world war followed by a courageous reconstruction. 

Admire photos the legendary “Mamarazza” took of her friends Sean Connery, Yves Saint Laurent and Romy Schneider, amongst others, while our young visitors slip into magical princely costumes in the children’s realm and take part in fairy tale workshops.

You hear about the story of Prince Peter, the famous Russian field marshal, and his daughter-in-law, beautiful Princess Leonilla. Through the conservatory you reach the large banquet table of Prince Louis and Princess Leonilla, where you can admire wedding dresses worn by princesses of the family. 

In the adjacent cabinet, you will meet Princess Gabriela surrounded by her beloved butterflies. 

The “Butterfly Princess” encourages you to learn about and closely inspect these delicate beings and thus create a reference to her tropical butterfly house in the palace gardens. 

In the following room, the “Fürst Class”, you will be able to witness just how passionate the princely family was about motor racing in recent generations.

From there, the tour will take you to the last stop: the colourful palace chapel, which houses the valuable arm reliquary of St. Elisabeth of Thuringia in the “Golden Altar”.

We offer guests a free guided tour of the New Museum in four languages. Download the DigiWalk app which will provide you with a choice of audios, images, videos and texts.

For groups, school classes or birthday parties, our “2friendly” team will be happy to provide you with fun workshops and a variety of special tours.