Culture Park

The Sayn Culture Park, which includes a great variety of cultural attractions and exciting adventures, was nominated as a “cultural masterpiece of the region”. In the Butterfly Garden the visitor becomes part of a fairy tale of one thousand and one exotic butterflies. As he walks through their native habitat, butterflies are flying freely at arms length. Little Chinese painted quails, whose chicks are barely larger than a bumble bee, a variety of colourful tropical finches, turtles diving into the water, large Koi carps and the mysterious iguana are a constant source of delight to our visitors. Alternating art exhibitions by renowned contemporary artists form an exciting contrast within this tropical mystery. A few steps from the exotic paradise lies the neo-gothic Palace of the Princes of Sayn-Wittgenstein that arose from its ruins just two decades ago.

The Palace shows the New Museum, created in 2020, with a focus on 200 years family history represented by the princesses Leonilla and Marianne. The delicate beauty of the castle chapel exhibits the precious medieval arm reliquary of St. Elizabeth. After visiting the Palace Gardens and its majestic trees, wide greens and idyllic waterways, a short walk through the historic village will take our guests by the mill museum Hein’s Mühle to the romanesque Sayn Abbey and its colourful cloister. The main altar of Sayn Abbey displays another most precious medieval treasure, a golden shrine conserving Apostle Simon’s arm. A close walk from there, between the highest trees of the country, the Sayn Rope Course promises an exciting sportive adventure. The “Rheinsteig” or “Saynsteig”, two certified hiking trails, lead up to Sayn Castle, the medieval seat of the former Counts of Sayn. There you enjoy a marvellous view across the Rhine valley that reaches over to the Eifel volcanoes. The old Sayn Foundry on the banks of the river Sayn, is a most precious industrial heritage site from 1830. Built out of cast iron and glass, it reminds of a cathedral. A major revitalization programme has been launched recently to convert this site into a cultural centre for the region. The eastern boundary of the Sayn Culture Park is formed by the roman Limes and its restored watchtower which are recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.