10: Benches at the Merian Garden

If you’re lucky, one of the white wooden benches will be free. Then I can only advise you to take a little break there. Look at what is flying around you and what is crawling out of the bushes. You already know the dwarf quail and colorful finches. But these are not just beautiful to look at. They are also useful in the natural control of plant pests that thrive in warm, humid climates. And if you’re really lucky, a sky butterfly will land on your shoulder. The Blue Morpho is actually colorless. But the light is refracted so often on the scales, which are arranged like roof tiles on its wings, that it appears bright blue. Watch him carefully, but please don’t touch his wings. Otherwise he can no longer fly to the feeding place. Now you have already learned a lot and are real natural scientists, like the artist Maria Sybilla Merian. In memory of her, we created the Merian Garden and hung some of her great plant and animal pictures that she painted over 300 years ago.