12: Butterfly Boutique

If you are looking for a pretty souvenir, you will find it in the butterfly boutique. We offer educational books about butterflies and souvenirs you might like to take home.

Now, that you have visited our enchanting fairy tale world what about a true story which I heard from a Painted Lady butterfly. Would you like to hear it?

It is a story about our castle dog, of lions and butterflies, and how not everything is always as it seems at first glance. When she saw our new castle poodle Disco for the first time, she, the Beautiful Painted lady, was sitting on a leaf of the large chestnut tree in the castle courtyard, calmly observing while the sun warmed her spread out wings. The sparrows on the bulbous roof of the tower had been on the lookout since early morning for the new resident who was finally supposed to arrive in Sayn today. Nothing disturbed the tense calm; only the fluttering of the hoisted yellow and red flag in the wind, which was adorned with a golden lion, could be heard faintly. It seemed as if time had stood still, although the hands on the tower clock continued to move minute by minute. Not a peep was heard from the medieval castle, which watches over the palace like an eagle’s nest. Suddenly, the sparrows standing in espaliers sounded their lilting fanfares. And at the same time, the birds in the old giant trees in the palace gardens opposite joined in the jubilation. It was so loud and clear that all the animals in the glass butterfly house heard the message: The new castle dog had arrived!”

Well now you should find out how the story continues in the palace opposite. You will find the Painted Lady butterfly, Disco and many more things there.