15: Nature trail and castle park

I invite you to take a short tour of the nature trail around the butterfly house. The local butterflies feel at home here. Various small animals also find a home between the herb and flower garden, a wild meadow, a small pond, and fruit and flower hedges. You can also find nettles here. The so-called weed is essential for insects and serves as a food plant for butterflies such as the Little Tortoiseshell, the Peacock butterfly, the Admiral, and the Painted Lady. You may also like to delight the local butterflies in your home with a flower bed or a flowerpot. That would be nice and important because butterflies like many other insects, are in danger of extinction. With your help, you, too, can contribute to their protection. If you want to learn more about it, please ask one of our biologists or, of course, our gardener, Jürgen. Jürgen can often be found in the Princely Palace Gardens, looking for Blackberry plants as food for our “little horrors”. What I particularly like in the park is the pond with its high-water fountain and of course the old giant trees. The famous garden architects Karl Friedrich Thelemann and Heinrich Siesmayer created the romantic landscape park in the English style in 1850. It extends from the top of the medieval castle down to the confluence of the Sayn and Brex rivers.