7: Display cases – It’s all just camouflage

In the glass showcases next to the Sofia Bridge, we display various insects and small animals. Like some butterflies, these animals have come up with new ideas for survival in nature. Some are so well camouflaged that you must look closely to spot them. Many visitors walk past the display case carelessly because they don’t recognize the “Wandering Leaves,” for example. These camouflage artists are almost indistinguishable from real leaves, and sometimes, they even sway like leaves in the wind. Maybe Jürgen is nearby and will show you the insects that belong to the stick insect family up close. You can find more insects in the showcase right next door. Not only are they well camouflaged to make themselves as invisible as possible from their enemies, but many species of butterflies can do this, too. The Indian Leaf butterfly, for example. It looks like a dry beech leaf with its wings closed. 

The favorite of all visitors, the Blue Morpho butterfly, whose top wing shines sky blue, is hardly visible when its wings are closed. Wherelse the Banana Butterfly, also known as the Owl, has a different strategy to protect itself from enemies; the pattern on its folded wings looks like an owl’s eyes. If he opens his wings quickly, he can scare off enemies.