With us you can experience two fairytale worlds with one admission ticket: the Garden of Butterflies and the New Museum at Sayn Castle. We offer our guests “SaynGuide”, a VIRTUAL TOUR through the New Museum and the Butterfly Garden. With the help of the “QR codes” you can access useful, interesting and entertaining information at the various stations in German, English, French or Italian – optionally with audios, images, videos and texts. The speakers are Stephanie Paatsch and Heike Kamp from 2friendly (German), our sons-in-law Archie Akhavan-Kharazian (English) and Stefano Graf Hunyady (French) and our daughter-in-law Hereditary Princess Priscilla (Italian). There are also many quotes spoken by us and our daughters Princess Alexandra and Princess Sofia and our grandchildren Prince Ludovico and Comtesse Elisabetta Hunyady. The virtual tour of the butterfly garden is currently underway only offered in German, spoken by Stephanie Paatsch. You can take a look at our New Museum and the Butterfly Garden from home on your smartphone, tablet or computer by clicking on the SaynGuide logos:


Let yourself and your friends get excited about a visit – and also about the other attractions here in the Sayn Culture Park! We look forward to your visit and wish you an unforgettable stay.

Cordially yours

Princess Gabriela and Prince Alexander zu Sayn-Wittgenstein