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1: Welcome
2: Timeline
3: Show case with decorations and Filippa’s Angel
4: The historic staircase
5: Building history of the palace
6: Children’s portraits
7: Special Exhibitions
8: SaynerZeit
9: Destruction and reconstruction
10: Social life
11: The hostess
12: The painted wooden cupboard
13: Mamarazza”, the renowned photographer
14: Prince Peter in Paris
15: The staircase today
16: A mighty portrait of a field marshal
17: Ossip the hero
18: The new conservatory
19: A powerful steam engine for the park’s fountains
20: A landscape garden was designed
21: From trees to family trees
22: The Russian field marshal Peter
23: The Kamenka winery
24: The Prince’s Diploma
25: Louis and Stephanie
26: Louis marries Leonilla
27: From Russia to Sayn
28: The table culture of the 19th century
29: Silverware and crystal glass
30: Leonilla’s beauty case
31: The princesses’ wedding dresses
32: Saint Petersburg
33: About nurses, mothers and their children
34: Yvonne and Alexander
35: Alexander’s descendance
36: Upstairs and downstairs
37: The Prussian Royal Family on visit in Sayn
38: Princess Margarete of Thurn and Taxis, a lady with many talents
39: The Palace gardens, cultural heritage and ecological habitat
40: A butterfly research station
41: The Butterfly Princess
42: Car racing, a fascination for Princess Marianne and her family
43: The fascination is contagious
44: Cups, drinking vessels and fine wines
45: Smoking, drinking and gentlemen’s sports in pictures by Princess Marianne
46: Paintings shown at the upper foyer
47: Count Heinrich the Great of Sayn and the relationship to Saint Elizabeth
48: The Miracle of the Roses
49: Palace chapel and the reliquary of Saint Elizabeth
50: Down to the crypt and goodbye