50: Down to the crypt and goodbye

Before you end the tour, you go downstairs and pass the crypt, housed below the chapel. 

On the way to the family burial place, you can find a collection of 27 lithographs of famous Renaissance paintings commissioned by Prince Louis in the 1830s. 

At the crypt entry, a Madonna sculpture by the ceramicist Heinz-Theo Degen protects the children of Prince Ludwig and Princess Marianne, Yvonne, Alexander, Elizabeth, Teresa and Peter, with her coat.

Of particular importance inside the crypt is a medieval sandstone relief on the sarcophagus of Princess Leonilla, which depicts the burial of Mary. The two other sarcophagi belong to Leonilla’s husband Louis and her daughter-in-law Princess Yvonne.

At the end, you hear Prince Alexander again: 

“My wife and I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this tour of our New Museum and that it has aroused your interest to come visit us more often. 

Do combine your stay not only with a visit to the Butterfly House in the palace gardens but also to the many other sights of the Cultural Park of Sayn. 

Our Sayn is always worth a visit!”