12: The painted wooden cupboard 

Princess Gabriela has wonderfully modelled the old farmer’s cupboard in the middle of the room from the original in her mother-in-law’s drawing room in Fuschl. 

“It reflects her life, her role as head of a large family as well as her joy in life, in interesting people and travelling around the world.

The left side is reserved for her large offspring. Here you can find photos of weddings of children and grandchildren alongside pictures of the little great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. In between there are also memories of meeting Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Jacky Stewart.

On the right, we see her parents and their nine children together with all sorts of celebrities who she entertained in Fuschl or visited on trips around the world. You meet Siegfried and Roy and Prince Charles, or Gunter Sachs, Curd Jürgens and the Holy Father. My mother-in-law had also taken her neighbouring farmers to her heart and immortalised them in her photographs.

At the bottom of the cupboard are her works, famous photo books, from “Mamarazza” to “Stars and Sportscars”, and from “SaynerZeit” to “ManniFeste”.”