21: From trees to family trees

Before leaving this area, you will find a large family tree. It shows how the family has branched out over almost 1000 years, from Count Stephan I. of Sponheim to the year 2000. 

You can see the influx of the Counts of Sayn and of Wittgenstein as well as the branching out into the three family lines: Berleburg, Hohenstein and Sayn. In addition, you will find further family trees of the Sayn family, which point to the relationship with ruling houses from different European countries. 

Finally, a board provides answers to frequently asked questions about nobility today. There, today’s prince also provides the answer as to how he would like to be addressed. “Instead of ‘Dear Mr. Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn’, I prefer, quite simply, ‘Dear Prince Alexander’!”