30: Leonilla’s beauty case

The mahogany chest in the bottom compartment is something particularly fascinating. It contains Princess Leonilla’s travel toiletry set. The box includes 32 individual items that were useful for taking care of a lady who travelled a lot.

Here you will find flacons for various essences, facial tonic and perfume, in which Leonilla’s favourite scent is preserved to this day, jars for powder, pastes, creams or blush, soap dishes, scissors and sewing utensils, as well as a washbasin with a water jug, candle holders and more items of finest silver and crystal glass. All utensils are engraved with Leonilla’s monogramme and packed into the chest very cleverly in the smallest possible space.

The London silversmith Nicholls & Plincke, who at that time ran the Magasin Anglais for the St. Petersburg high society, was responsible for this masterpiece.