29: Silverware and crystal glass

The silver display case shows cutlery and plates by Storr & Mortimer from around 1835 as well as vermeil dessert cutlery by Mortimer & Hunt, produced only a few years later. 

The great London silversmiths maintained sales outlets at the important European courts at the time, including Saint Petersburg. Like the tableware, the silverware was made to order and was decorated with the coat of arms, the Sayn lion or the initials of Prince Louis.

Valuable blown glasses and carafes from the 18th and 19th century are displayed in the other showcase. The different initials and crown engravings on the glasses help distinguish which ancestors the pieces initially belonged to. 

On the two tiers below, you will find two almost 200-year-old cruets made of crystal glass and the equally impressive travel toiletry set in a mahogany box, used by Princess Leonilla.