43: The fascination is contagious

Prince Alexander recounts: “Luckily, we children were often allowed to join the races. On the left side of a photograph next to the grandstands, you can see me admiring Jean Behra and his Porsche racing sports car. 

Occasionally, after the races, the drivers took us children with them in their cars on the way back home. There was no speed limit at the time, and the hairpin bends at Virneburg were tough!

That made me want to try racing for myself. At my very first try, I proudly finished third in my Porsche 911 at a hill climb in Sayn and was celebrated as a local hero. It was the day of our engagement, and I had to promise my father-in-law that I would never race again. However, much later my wife kindly gave me the permission to drive one last race: the Alfa Celebrity Cup in front of a large audience in Hockenheim. 

The only races I have been allowed to participate in since have been the soapbox races at our local annual Castle and Park Festival in the palace gardens. Those, too, I must admit, are quite exciting!

You and your children are welcome to take a souvenir photo in the red speedster!”