44: Cups, drinking vessels and fine wines

In this display case, you will find the trophy for the hill climb as well as the engagement photo. 

The drinks and drinking vessels exhibited are also very much part of a gentleman’s life. At the top, you will find a cognac aged for 50 years and made from wines from the family’s former winery in Kamenka. 

It is named after Field Marshal Peter, the hero of 1812. 1812 bottles were filled and sold for $1,812 each. They are all numbered: Vladimir Putin received bottle No.1, and bottle No.2 went to Prince Alexander. Below, a schnapps made from tropical fruits of the Royal Gardens in Thailand, is made by a nephew of Prince Alexander, Maximilian Graf Coreth.

In the other display cabinet, you will see that the Sayn princely family still produces outstanding wines today. On the bottom shelf, you can spot a case of Sassicaia, probably the most famous red wine in Italy, from the family vineyard of our daughter-in-law Princess Priscilla and our son-in-law Stefano Count Hunyady. You also find Stefano’s wines from Hungary and his craft beer brewed in Tuscany. Next to it you will see some delicious Riesling wines produced by the Counts of Schönborn, Princess Gabriela‘s family, from their Rheingau and Frankonia vineyards.