18: The new conservatory

Before the reconstruction, a narrow backyard here was supposed to keep the humidity of the adjacent castle hill away from the palace building. During the reconstruction 25 years ago, the architects Bingenheimer, Hädler & Schmilinsky from Darmstadt had the open space covered with a glass roof. By pulling in a ceiling, they created a passageway to the palace chapel, ideally suited for placing large, non-winterproof plants. 

Conservatories have a long tradition in the Sayn family. Carl Ludwig Althans designed a „palm garden“ here in Sayn, the 1830 architect of the uniquely beautiful cast-iron foundry in Sayn. 

Even more important was Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s winter garden for our Werki Palace in Lithuania. The great Prussian architect was originally supposed to reconstruct the dilapidated middle building of the extensive three-winged complex for Prince Louis. Instead, he proposed to demolish it in order to open up a view into the park. Finally, he added a large conservatory to the left residential wing, which was directly connected to the princess’ studio.