28: The table culture of the 19th century

You have reached the Blue Hall, the largest room of this museum. This room is all about table culture in the 19th century and shows the various crockery and cutlery that was used depending on the occasion. Some of it is still used today for family weddings.

A head butler in livery guards a wall with dishes, displaying a most beautiful service, the “golden Feuillet” plates from Paris, which have been used for festive meals with up to 100 people until this day. The buffet below exhibits various other dishes, including blue Wedgewood ceramics. These are beautiful but unfortunately too fragile for everyday use. 

Next to it, you will find part of the library, including a full series of the so-called “Gotha”, a genealogical directory for Europe’s royalty and higher nobility from 1763 to today. 

On the long table, pictures printed on acrylic plates show how a table was set. Depending on the occasion, the table setting could be a little more or a little less elaborate. 

Ask our guides to recount some old family recipes, or to demonstrate what you need to pay attention to to lay the table perfectly and accurately. On special occasions, the princely family still sets the table this way today. 

A “children’s table” is set by Alana and Casimir for their poodle Disco.